Nordmann Selected

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Nordmann Selected
– the story of the selected tree

Eurotrees delivers high-quality Christmas trees and greeneries according to our traditional practice. We are happy to announce the launching of Nordmann Selected, which is the perfect solution for you, if you want to take your business a bit further.

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Nordmann Selected is a special high-quality category of trees from Eurotrees, because we use more time and resources on Nordmann Selected. The trees are carefully processing and well-cared for throughout growth and the precise timing in terms of felling is another significant feature. 

This results in fresher trees. Because we cut them as close as possible to the time of delivery, meaning that the trees last longer in the living rooms of the consumers. Your customers will be more satisfied. And how exactly does it affect your business? Well, you can charge higher prices and your customers are increasingly loyal. 

Logistics is also part of the Nordmann Selected concept. Delivery is more precise and better for the tree. Thus, better for you and your customers. Does it sound like a Christmas fairytale? It gets even better – it is pure quality, and that’s only available at Eurotrees. 

Real tree for real traditions

Eurotrees is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of Christmas trees and greeneries. That’s old news. But we have long-standing experience and knowledge about Christmas traditions around the world. And you can take it from us – they vary quite a bit. 

Thus, Nordmann Selected are selected trees for the exact market, where the shape and structure of the tree fits – and is expected. The customers get what they want. After all – that is what Christmas is all about, right?

Your tree is certified

All trees in the Nordmann Selected category have an identification number. This makes us – meaning you and us – able to retrace the exact origin of the tree. In other words, we regard every tree to be a unique nature product, and we accept this obligation. To you – it means good quality. Again.

Please feel free to call Peter on tel. 22 80 44 04, and get a great offer for Nordmann Selected for your customers. Or send an email to right now – and Peter will get back to you.


Product range labels - Nordmann Selected


Grey / 80-100 cm

Green / 100-125 cm

Purple / 125-150 cm

Orange / 150-175 cm

Red / 175-200 cm

Pink / 200-250 cm



Yellow / 150-175 cm

Blue / 175-200 cm

White / 200-250 cm



Yellow-Blue / 175-200 cm

Red-Blue / 200-250 cm

Red-Green / By request

Orange-Purple / By request

Pink-Black / By request